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Athletics as a vehicle
for growth

Holy Cross offers a comprehensive physical education program taught by a P.E. specialist teaching all grades. Holy Cross Athletic programs and Hockey & Basketball Academies focus on growth across all areas of the curriculum and school life by: 

  • Creating an encouraging environment.

  • Learning self-discipline.

  • Developing character and integrity. 

  • Improving athletic performance, leadership and teamwork.


In addition to grade-level physical education programs designed to develop the abilities of each student at Holy Cross School, an extracurricular sports program offers the opportunity for boys and girls to enhance their experience through participating in a  range of competitive activities with other schools in the district.

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Athletic Program

Volleyball Fall 2022

Grades 7 and 8

Basketball Winter 2022-23

Grades 7 and 8 

Track and Field Spring 2023

Grades 4 to 8

Cross-Country Spring 2023

Grades 3 to 5

Holy Cross also takes part in athletic competitions with other Independent Schools and the Public School District. Our grade 8 teams have successfully represented our school in both Volleyball, Basketball and Track and Field. Grades 3, 4 and 5 take part in the District Cross Country Runs in the Spring and Fall. Elementary grades 4 and 5 and Middle school grades 6 to 8 participate in the Track and Field Meet in June with other Penticton schools. 

Competitions and Events

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Grade 8 Volleyball team finished 3rd in the Southern Region.

(Osoyoos/ Princeton/Summerland/Penticton)

Sporting Excellence

Sports Academies

Holy Cross School is finishing up its first year of offering sports academies for our grade 6-8 students. The academies have been successful expansions to our P.E. program, allowing students to expand their skills and knowledge and practice extensively under the guidance of experienced coaches.


Partnership with Penticton Best

The partnership with Okanagan Hockey Group and Lake City Basketball primarily focus in the area of skills, drills, leadership development and game opportunities. 

Our Hockey and Basketball Academy are open to all grade 6 to 8 students. The Hockey Academy takes place during the school day and is open to all students from beginner to advanced.

Sports Academy fees are kept to a minimum to encourage all students to take part and this approach will continue as we go forward. As always, commitment and follow through by our students are crucial in the continuing success of our sports academies.

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