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Parent Support Group

Holy Cross School is proud to have a strong and supportive parent organization. For the school to be successful, it is absolutely necessary for parents to become involved in the life of the school. Parents are requested and encouraged to be active members of the Parent Support Group.

The Parent Support Group is greatly involved in many of the fund-raising activities and has enjoyed tremendous success in this area. Funds derived from these activities enable us to provide materials and opportunities that our students would otherwise be unable to experience. To date such funds have helped developed the following initiatives:

• Student scholarships
• School playground upgrades
• Technology upgrades
• Gym equipment upgrades

• Teacher’s wish list educational items for the classrooms
• Teacher’s and leaders’ appreciation gifts

• Honouring Indigenous Culture Day 

• Every Child Matters orange shirt

• School field trips and busing
• Grade 8 graduation trips, lunches, and gifts and so much more!

Many of the activities sponsored by the PSG bring together students, teachers, parents, family, friends, and parishioners developing our school community and enhancing our whole Christian community. 

For more information email

Parent Support Group Executive

Nicole MacMillan
Vice Presidents

Jill Dhaliwal

Natalie Neufeld

Jessica Gair

Lauren Poitras

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