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In our kindergarten program students grow and develop in the following areas:

  • Personal and social awareness 

  • Spirituality

  • Early literacy

  • Early numeracy

  • Physical skills and well being

  • Creative expression in music and art

We understand that learning is a process. We nurture this process by:

  • Having the children learn through play, skill practice, exploration, games and music.

  • Teaching the children to work cooperatively, support each other and to treat each other with respect and kindness.

  • Encouraging the children to become life-long learners.


Academic Program

Our program caters for Kindergarten children who are five years of age and includes:

  • Indoor and outdoor play experiences.

  • Quiet and active times.

  • Individual, small and large group activities.

Teacher and child initiated activities and experiences through our main classroom areas:

  • The Office Learning Center

  • The Home Life Center

  • The Library Theater Center 

  • The Play & Explore Center

Social inclusion

  • Buddy time with grade 8.

  • ​After school care (not included in tuition fees).

Learning Support

Students with learning difficulties are supported by a specialized team and we offer small literacy and numeracy support classes and assessment support classes to further assist these students.

"Holy Cross School is committed to the development and growth of every student to bear witness to Christ in their Catholic community and

the world beyond."

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