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New and Second Hand Uniforms

New Uniform Options

Mark’s and Spencer

Mark’s and Spencer online has been added as a uniform option for the school year beginning September 2023. Discounts are always given for multi purchases. 

**** Important**** The shirts and hoodies ordered from Marks and Spencer will not have the crest affixed. This will have to be sewn on after families receive the merchandise. The school office will have the crests for sale  and we will have a list of people who will sew these on if you are not able. All shirts and indoor hoodies must have the crest on them when they are worn at school.

School uniform shop | Kids | Marks and Spencer CA



Uniforms for students are available through Lands'End. Families are asked to plan and order uniforms as needed for their child. Although not every piece is required, there are some pieces that are considered mandatory every day wear as well as dress uniform for special occasion wear. Please review the dress and optional clothing list below. By signing up for the e-mail alerts from the company, you will be alerted when uniform items are on sale.

school code 900-182-106

Second Hand Uniform Swap

If you have an enquiry regarding the second hand uniform swap please email

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