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Middle School

At Holy Cross we believe that students learn best in a supportive environment with a stimulating curriculum and teaching excellence. Our Middle School teachers work collaboratively and effectively to help each student thrive. Small class sizes, along with strong learning supports, ensure that every student can reach their full potential in a nurturing school community.

The teaching and learning activities in the Middle School encourage students to think deeply on what they learn by asking questions, crafting responses and deducing solutions and outcomes. We provide opportunities for students to follow their interests, develop personal agency and become imaginative, thoughtful, curious and determined learners.


Academic Program

Academic Challenge


Accelerated Math and English (8 and 9 in one year)

Mix of in class and self-study instruction leading to the completion of both grade 8 and 9 Math and/or English in a single school year.

Outdoor Classroom

Learning that takes place outside of the traditional classroom. This will be a cross-curricular program involving Science, English, Indigenous Education, Math and Social Studies.

Civic Education

Students learn about how democracy works and how they can participate in Canada’s democratic system. Includes: visits from candidates and sitting Members of Parliament, Members of the Legislative Assembly, Municipal Councillors, Speaker of the House, Governor General and Members of the Senate. 

Electives Classes

Some of our Middle School Elective options are: Electronics, Digital Arts, Entrepreneurship, Foods, Textiles, Outdoor Education, Music Exploration, Band, Woodworking, Science Explorations, Leadership, Drama, Visual Art and more.



Teaching and Learning

  • French Specialist – 3 blocks/week

  • Science/Math Specialist (Gr 7/8)

  • English/Social Studies Specialist (Gr 7/8)

  • PE Specialist

  • Intercity athletic teams – Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field

  • Hockey Academy

Building Better Futures

  • Opportunities for school leadership; working with younger students i.e. grade 8 and K buddies, grade 7 and 2 buddies.

  • Participation in regional math contests.

  • Participation in provincial and national writing contests.

  • Opportunities for community service helping organizations such as St. Vincent de Paul.

Learning Support

Students with learning difficulties are supported by a specialized team and we offer small literacy and numeracy support classes and assessment support classes to further assist these students.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

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