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Christian Foundation

Holy Cross School strives to provide its students with a positive learning environment in the light of the Catholic faith. In cooperation with the parents and parish community, we strive to:

  • Work to build a living Christian community.

  • Nurture a positive self-image in the students.

  • Provide an environment for and encourage students to strive for academic excellence.

  • Recognize that enrichment is the core of educational goals for all students and strive to expose all children to a curriculum that enhances their ability to think creatively and critically as they learn.

  • Endeavour to develop the whole person.

  • Encourage students to live their lives in empathy and understanding of others.

  • Develop a greater awareness of the variety of values and attitudes in regard to ethnic, religious and social differences within our own school community.

  • Integrate faith in personal life so that students are able to take their place in society as mature, loving and caring persons committed to living their faith.

To assist staff, students and parents in reaching our educational objectives, we offer guidelines which lead to a sense of order and discipline at school. This balanced, orderly approach appeals not only to Catholics but to families of different faiths and of no faith. These guidelines aim to assist in creating the living Christian community we strive for at Holy Cross School.

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