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Elementary School

A warm welcome to the elementary years! It’s an exciting time as students become more independent and mature learners.
During the elementary years, greater importance is placed on respect and cooperation as students continue to develop their creative and critical thinking skills in a safe and welcoming environment. Students regularly work together in a cooperative manner, building on their problem-solving skills while examining possibilities in a fair and constructive manner. These are fundamental skills that are essential in our world today.

A Seamless Education

We strive to provide a positive educational experience through a rigorous academic program that is challenging yet flexible to the individual needs of each student.

Holy Cross builds a solid academic base, allowing students demonstrate their understanding utilizing their God given talents in their own personal ways. They flourish in the accomplishments in the variety of academic activities they complete and projects they undertake. Quality work that students are proud of, based on a solid foundation of fundamental skills.


Academic Program

Our education program at Holy Cross aims to develop the whole child, which  includes the following elements of human development:

  • Spiritual

  • Emotional

  • Intellectual

  • Artistic

  • Physical

To support these skills, a solid social emotional learning program enhances the well-being of our students and encourages positive and cooperative social interactions. A growth mindset, where mistakes are considered a part of learning, is instilled in each child. Positive reinforcement contributes to exploration and pursuit of interests as students grow. To round our students’ life skills, each child is equipped with a strong moral compass they will use in all aspects of their lives.



Building Community

At Holy Cross, students are building community in a variety of ways. Treat others the way you want to be treated is a personal commitment instilled in our children. It is through class meetings, such as gratitude notes, sharing of kindness, buddy bench, safety helpers, monthly assembly leaders, daily school announcements, classroom buddy program, Christian virtue demonstration recognition that our strong community building roots builds its strong foundation.

Learning Support

The student support services coordinator/learning assistance teacher and educational assistants work to meet the needs of these students. In addition, an Occupational Therapist,
Physiotherapist, Speech and Language Pathologist and a Psychologist are contracted to support students requiring these services.

Programs and goals for each student requiring an Individual Education Plan are created with the intentions to support the child as a whole. One-to-one assistance and small group instruction for reading, writing and math are offered. In addition, ‘Circle of Friends’ groups and social skills sessions are provided to aid in the acquisition of these essential skills.

We help students to develop a greater awareness of the variety of values and attitudes in regard to ethnic, religious and social differences within our own school community.

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