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Alumni at Holy Cross

"I loved my time at Holy Cross School because I was able to grow as a student in life skills as well as academic skills. I learned valuable lessons from my teachers as well as my peers; lessons that I am able to take into my everyday life. I loved how Holy Cross gave students the ability to learn from guest speakers and outside of the classroom as well, such as on field trips to further students’ knowledge about nature, sports, and the arts. I am grateful for the education
that I got at Holy Cross and the teachers who cared about each students’ success, which prepared me for anything I wanted to pursue in the future." Currently taking grade 10 and 11 classes at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

- Sophie Robinson

“Play every sport! Even if you haven’t played them before! The coaches help to make you a better player and you get to hang out with your friends.  At Holy Cross the coaches supported our skill development and nurtured a sense of team. The teams all felt very inclusive and we all got to play.  The work that I did in the Basketball Academy helped me to develop the skills that I will need in high school. I tried Track and Field for the first time this year and I think I will do it again in high school.”

- Aadvik Saini

“I am very thankful for the time I spent as a student at Holy Cross School. The dedicated teaching from all the staff gave me such a well-rounded education, and a big advantage going into high school. Every day the staff was there to offer a warm smile and support, creating a
kind environment that I will never forget. At Holy Cross, I was allowed to explore my faith with staff guidance. Holy Cross is an amazing school to build confidence, compassion, and gain an amazing education.”

- Sarah Hansen

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Alumni News

Mya Burghardt

Received the Impact Award for Jr. Field Hockey, MVP for Jr. Soccer and the Superfit Award for grades 10 and 11.

“Holy Cross made me feel confident enough to try all of the team sports. We were a community! We had fun and learned so much."

Emma Burghardt 

MVP for Jr. Girls’ Field Hockey and received the Leadership Award.

“Holy Cross helped me feel confident. We were always supported and encouraged. I was taught to set expectations high and work toward them."

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