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Alumni Awarded Prestigious Nationwide Scholarships

HC Alumni Awarded Prestigious Nationwide Scholarships as well as being chosen as Rotary Students of the Month.

Former Holy Cross students Ciara Browne and Sophie Robinson have each been awarded very prestigious scholarships to help them to meet their very lofty academic goals.

Ciara has been awarded the Engineering Entrance Scholarship for Indigenous Students from the University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. This is a full ride scholarship for 4 years of study. This scholarship is awarded to only 3 students each year. Ciara was also awarded the University of British Columbia Presidential Scholars award valued at $40,000.00.

Sophie has been awarded the Loran Award, a very well known, academic award, valued at $100,000.00 over four years. This prestigious award was applied for by 5219 Canadian students and Sophie, having made it through the rigorous interview process, was selected as one of only 35 finalists.

When asked about their time at Holy Cross and how it prepared them for what they have done and are doing now, Ciara said, “I think that Holy Cross was an amazing community to be a part of with an environment that supported every student’s development. The virtues of the student body were very beneficial to be connected with. I was taught the importance of surrounding myself with great people and being that great person for others.”

Sophie replied with, “Each student was made to feel seen as an individual and their passions were nurtured. Being able to do accelerated learning, and take grade 9 courses in our grade 8 year, allowed us to gain independence and develop responsibility which in turn, helped us in our high school environment. We had the confidence to take on leadership positions and start our own initiatives.”

Both girls felt that their exposure to governance and our democratic system, through programs led by their teacher, Michele Cumberland, thoroughly prepared them for involvement in youth government programs such as our Youth Council Penticton and the Youth 16 Summit being held in Ottawa on May 28th.


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