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Faculty Feature. Grade 3

Please meet Mrs. Deanna Bates, our grade 3 teacher at Holy Cross. For nearly three decades her journey in education has been a rewarding adventure. Mrs. Bates has been molding young minds in Northern BC and later on for the last 18 years, at Holy Cross. Teaching, for her, is a calling that she embraces with passion and conviction. Mrs. Bates considers it a privilege to guide and inspire the children who are in her classroom.

Each day, she is reminded of the profound responsibility bestowed upon her in shaping the minds of these children, and places great emphasis on fostering a faith based community within the classroom. She firmly believes that a supportive and inclusive environment is the bedrock for effective learning.

She strives to cultivate an environment where making mistakes is seen as a natural part of the learning process, and taking risks is applauded. It is within these moments of vulnerability that true growth occurs, and the potential of each student can be unlocked. Her ultimate goal is to see every child in her class flourish, not just academically but also as an individual.

She is filled with gratitude for the privilege of being an educator at Holy Cross. The journey has been marked by the joy of teaching, the sanctity of faith, and, above all, the laughter and curiosity of the children who make each day unique and meaningful.


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