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Please meet Mrs. Kutschera, our Kindergarten teacher at Holy Cross. Mrs. Kutschera started working at Holy Cross in 2009 at our pre-school, (yes, we had a pre-school years ago!) She was then hired as a certified education assistant in 2010 until 2016. She obtained her teaching degree in December of 2019 with a minor in Mathematics. She did her student teaching at Zaharis Elementary School in Mesa, Arizona.

Mrs. Kutschera returned to Holy Cross in January of 2020 and taught grade six while Ms. Tofin was on parental leave. She subbed the following year and then became our full time kindergarten teacher in the fall of 2022.

Mrs. Kutschera loves the students here at Holy Cross, as well as our amazing staff! She is so grateful that she can teach at a faith-based school!


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