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Guest Speaker Program Series

We were delighted to welcome The Honourable Senator for British Columbia Bev Busson as part of our Guest Speaker Program series on Governance and Democracy. Our grade 7 and 8 students learned about the role of the Senate in Canada and Senator Busson’s work within the senate. She also shared her career history as a graduate of the first class of female RCMP officers in Canada and being the first female commissioner of the RCMP. For her contributions to Canadian law enforcement, she was named Commander of the Order of Merit of Police Forces by the Governor General, awarded the Vice Chief of Defence Staff Commendation, the Order of British Columbia and was named to the Order of Canada.

Senator Busson also took questions from the students. This interactive component of the senators visit helps students envision themselves as an important part of our democratic process.

Through this program students develop a strong understanding of how democracy works and prepares them to be engaged and active citizens. Our thanks to Mrs. Cumberland for hosting this lecture.


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